Leonor Coifman — Artista visual judío-argentina/Jewish Argentine Visual Artist — “Arte espiritual judía”/ “Jewish Spiritual Art”

Leonor Coifman


Leonor Coifman,  ha cursado estudios en las Escuelas Nacionales de Arte Manuel Belgrano y Prilidiano Pueyrredón, estudió Historia del Arte con Córdova Iturburu, Crítica Plástica con Moraña y perfeccionamiento plástico con Juan Muñeza, habiendo realizado labor docente en escuelas de la Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y en su taller de Libre Expresión para niños.

Ha realizado numerosas exposiciones colectivas e individuales en conocidas instituciones tales como el Fondo Nacional de las Artes, el salón Isidoro Steimberg, Universidad de Belgrano, Ateneo Popular de la Boca, Sociedad de artistas Plásticos, Círculo Hebreo Argentino, Teatro Municipal General San Martín, Manzana de las Luces, Planetario Galileo Galilei, etc.Ha expuesto en las ciudades más importantes del Perú, en la Ciudad española de Vigo, en México (Primera Bienal Iberoamericana de Pintura).


Leonor Coifman, has studied at the Manuel Belgrano and Prilidiano Pueyrredón National Art Schools, studied Art History with Córdova Iturburu, Art Criticism with Moraña and advanced art with Juan Muñeza, having done teaching work in schools of the Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires and in its Free Expression workshop for children.

He has made numerous collective and individual exhibitions in well-known institutions such as the National Arts Fund, the Isidoro Steimberg room, the University of Belgrano, Ateneo Popular de la Boca, the Society of Plastic Artists, the Argentine Hebrew Circle, the General San Martín Municipal Theater, Manzana. de las Luces, Planetarium Galileo Galilei, etc. He has exhibited in the most important cities of Peru, in the Spanish City of Vigo, in Mexico (First Ibero-American Biennial of Painting.)

La obra entera de Leonor Coifman


Pinturas, Grabados, Arte Digital/Paintings, Engravings and Digital Art

Grabados con la técnica de Coolagraf/Prints made with Coolagraph techniques

Jai (Vida)
Pintura con base serigráfica/Painting on Serigraph
La entrega de las diez mandamientos IThe giving of the ten commandments
Obra digital sobre originales/Digital works over originals
La zarza ardiente/The Burning Bush Obra digital sobre originales/Digital works over originals
Mandala Judía
Obra digital sobre originales/Digital works over originals
Obra digital sobre originales/Digital works over originals
Malkut (Princess)
Obra digital sobre originales/Digital works over originals
Al fin/At the end of times — Arte digital
Grabado, monocopia intervenido/Print, a monocopy in which the artist employs several techniques
Banderas sobre diversidad/Flags over Diversidad


Libro Artista: Tema de Luz/ Artist’s Book: Theme of Light

The candle burns in my window/I, Leonor Coifman, about to turn/eighty-one follow it’s dance, hoping that it with/ it’s light dissipate my shadows and illuminate my world/ and the whole world. /And while the story comes to my memory of the Rabbi and his teaching in “While the Candle Burns” life/ there is still time to repair, to reinvent one’s self, to begin again, to return to make mistakes again and/ to get up again, despite the/shadows that accompany us,/While a candle burns in my window, the light shines, I have life. — Leonor Coifman
On Shabbat, Genie lights the additional/candles, in honor of the many grandmothers, that she found to be Jewish/but had never/been able to light the Sabbath candles./On lighting these candles/Genie imagines them/standing at her side/sharing that/sacred moment. — After centuries,/her Jewish condition. — Genie
What appears to be an act of faith/to light the candles to welcome Shabbat/ to thank life, is a gift to the soul./while two doves wait to take off,/ carrying a message of light. — Martha Wolff
What signs are there in the sky,/I can’t decipher from them/what mystery is hidden in my being/that I can’t decipher (find.) I walk in my soul/move blindly looking for signs./figuring out day by day/what I live (or what I dream)/Knowing that the first road/ is for the inside and that later/I will be able fly off through the world. — Leonor Coifman
A candle, lit, chalice of fire,/between the sky that says goodbye to the day,/its clarity dying in order to give itself/ to the penumbra of the night. small among the immensity that surrounds it/is for Shabbat, the little universe./that prays thanking the Divine Light. — Martha Wolff
Bits of Time Lived — Life is not delivered with/an expiration date, and when that date/approaches us, with serenity and fear,/ we look at ita course and like a puzzle, we begin to put together the times live/with pressure and with love. — Leonor Coifman
Questions and Answers — November 19, 2014,/at nightfall, whenever we have the courage/to ask our being what it needs,/dawn will break and on our pillow/will be the answer./Our life cannon be lived by others, life has to be lived with a passion/so intense, that it hurts./To know that it was fought for/cried over, laughed over and that/is the only way that I know about, to know/that I am here, doing it. Deserving of being Alive.
Two candles brighten, two doves/ pairing with the believer and with the Creator/ creating an invisible union of love/ and celebration. — Martha Wolff
Building Dreams — History speaks of our wisdom/ among the nations and it is necessary ro remind then/ again. Everyone of us, will be a/ bastion with a common front against/ discrimination, hatred and ignorance./ Let us be the dignified transmitters of our legacy/ for future generations, so the Miracle of Light is not lost. – Leonor Coifman
I am fertile earth, which has been seeded/ since a time without history, Seeds of Faith./ My soul conserves deep roots from/ immemorial time, of epopeyas/of vast passages which tenuous threads unite/ with infinite skies, whirlwinds of light and darkness,/that populate the spiralled trip/ in lapsus of life and death. — Leonor Coifman




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